Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Bend and Snap...

Have you ever bent down to touch your toes and realized, you're just not that damn flexible? Somehow this has been the case for my entire life - I've always been athletic but never stretchy. Just once I'd like to do the bend and snap with a little flair dang it!

She's got such a sweet hairdo! Jealous.

In recent years I've begun cross training with yoga, maybe not as consistently as I should but non-the-less attending. Amazingly it's helped with my travels to "this little piggy town". If I huff and I puff, I can sometimes get all the way down there. It's not just the toes and the snap that's on my radar, I am the sexual triathlete after all. If you've ever looked at a kama sutra book such as this one:

Bring it to your next book club meeting.
everything in there requires you to be at the very least a yoga instructor - which by the way is the new generation of what men oogle. Sorry gymnasts, you're old news... and sorry yoga instructors, you're in for a world of terrible pickup lines.

So for my goal of becoming more flexible I started trying different yoga venues. Recently, I sighted the amazing Rasalila Fest. It's pretty much the marathon of the yoga world, extending from 9am to 8:30pm and if anything is going to enlighten, enrich and enbendify my temple of a body that's got to be the place. The event offers 11 different yoga styles, 9 musical acts, lectures, meditations, artists, food and other specialties that can keep everyone occupied with all kinds of downward dog antics. It comes to Orlando on September 10th and I plan on spending the entire 12 hours there or as long as it takes for me to touch the toe that went to market.

Here's one of my favorite blogger's look at Rasa-lila Tampa:

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