Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tender Trainer

The Winter Rule: Sex after trainer rides!

For anyone not familiar with the terminology, I'm referring to bike trainers:
These lovely little machines simulate road resistance when the elements outside are just too much to handle. They can also make your butt, balls or lady parts numb during the experience. This numbness doesn't really affect much, it'll wear off and tingle in that not so desirable way. 

However if you're a lady and you have a little bump and grind before a trainer ride, you might as well forget those miles. Sticking a hard item up your yoo-hoo and then following it up by putting all your weight on said hoo, is a terrible...let me say it again, TERRIBLE, idea. A word from the wise... leave the candles and baby makin music for after your spin.

Triathlete Relations

I am one of the lucky few triathletes who happened to find love in another triathlete. A typical day consists of waking up around 4am and heading to morning practice together. We are part of a team so even though we're working out "together" we technically don't see each other during practice since we're in different pace groups for all three sports. After that, it's a protein packed breakfast together, followed by our respective jobs, come home, train more, cook dinner together and pass out before 9pm. It's a great life for us, we have the same passion and it puts us on the same schedule. 

But I can't help but wonder how athletes dating non-athletes maintain that relationship. How do you form a bond when you only see your partner for the hour before he/she goes to bed? For me I would think being left alone for too many hours in an empty home would lead to neediness and extra encounters with my "me time" hand. Everyone wants to date the hot professional athlete but do they really know what they're in for?!

Note: I ask questions with the hope of answers...I'd love to hear from wives/husbands/gf/bf/friends of athletes on how you make it work or how it didn't...

The Inaugural Post

Hello cyber world!!! Let me start out by telling you a little about myself. I am first and foremost a triathlete. I love every aspect of the sports cubed world. The mental/physical beat down and resurrection that occurs during training and racing for the sport is well worth every smile I get whilst crossing the finish line. I also enjoy sex, food and curious human behavior, as most people do. This blog will be about my random thoughts on the relationship between all these things.

Welcome to my mind folks, fasten your chastity belts!